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Void a Punch

A punch can be voided by users with the appropriate access (superusers or Import Admin Function). A punch might be voided if the punch was made in error and was caught after being reconciled, but the company was able to stop the check prior to delivering to the employee. Once a punch is in Void status, no further action can be taken (the punch cannot be canceled, edited, or billed).

 To determine whether or not a punch is eligible to void, run the Void Pre-Actions Report in the Reports Module. The very last column will display whether or not the punch can be voided. 

 To void a paid punch:

  1. Prepare a properly formatted Import file with entries to void. View the Import File Formats Document for details
  2. Click "Import" from the top bar to get to the Import Module
  3. Click Entries, then Void Employee Entries
  4. On the Import Details Page, click "Actions" in the top right corner
  5. Click "Upload File"
  6. Upload the prepared file
  7. Click "Save"
  8. Click "Yes" on the confirmation window

Once the import process has completed, the punch(es) status will change to Void.  No further action can be taken with the punch. To see all punches that are in Void status, users with the appropriate role can run the Voided Entries Report. Please note punches cannot be voided manually from the Punch Details Page; they must be voided via import.

NOTE: Voiding an entry is different than canceling an entry. If an approved or later punch needs to be backed out and paid/billed properly, then the punch should be canceled instead of voided.



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