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Employer Reimbursements Workflow

Employer Reimbursements Workflow


  • Service Code exists that allows Employer Reimbursements
  • Client has active funding account and authorization for above service code
  • FI Employee is given Employer Reimbursement Admin Permission
  • Optional: Client has Employer Reimbursements enabled on Client Profile (this allows the Client ability to submit New Reimbursement Requests in addition to the Employer)


  • Employer or Client creates New Reimbursement Entry
    • System checks if Employee Service Account exists for employee/client/service code combo
      • If one does not exist, the system will create one
    • System creates parent reimbursement entry in canceled status and child reimbursement entries for each date of service in pending status
  • Employer Reimbursement Admin Permission reviews (approve/reject) pending reimbursement entries
  • Payroll Processor processes approved vendor payment entries in payroll batch
  • Billing Processor process approved vendor payment entries in billing batch


  • Reimbursement Entries can be imported by super users or users with Import Admin Permission
  • Reimbursement Entries can be also be created by super users or users with Employer Reimbursement Admin Permission


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