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How does DCI calculate my mileage?

For mileage based punches (Client Transportation or Drive) created via Mobile App, you will see a map that shows two pins:

  • Green Pin = Start Location
  • Red Pin = End Location

DCI looks up the addresses of the start and end locations and uses Google Maps to find the quickest route between the two points. The miles of that route are what is recorded as the Estimated Miles and Actual Amount on your punch.

Please note:

  • You can verify the mileage by entering the start and end address into Google Maps and selecting the quickest route
  • The quickest route may not always be the least amount of miles, as Google Maps takes into account traffic, construction, accidents, etc.
  • The Estimated Miles and Actual Amount listed on the punch may be slightly different from your odometer reading if you deviated from the quickest route.
  • Round trips will result in mileage of 0 because the start and end address are the same. Please be sure to use point-to-point trips. You can record more than one Client Transportation or Drive punch per shift.

NOTE: When entering a mileage based punch via web portal or mobile web, you must enter your starting and ending odometer readings on the entry wizard. DCI calculates the difference between these numbers to determine the mileage amount.


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