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What Are Custom Fields?

Custom fields are a way to add any additional information required by your company that is not already listed in one of the DCI wizards. Custom Fields can be created for the following items:


  • Client Profile
  • Employee Profile
  • Funding Source
  • Authorization
  • Residential Program
  • Day Program
  • Case Worker
  • Group Service
  • Parenting Program
  • Guardian
  • Vendor
  • Cost Center
  • Service Code
  • Regions
  • Client FUnding Account
  • Employee Service Account
  • Client Service Account
  • Vendor Service Account


To View Custom Field Values:

  1. Login to your profile via the DCI website
  2. Navigate to the desired details page
  3. Choose the ‘Custom Fields’ tab
  4. This will display the Custom Fields table where you can view/filter the values for the desired object.

NOTE: Users who have access to the Report Module can view Custom Field Values across multiple objects on the Custom Field Values Report. The results can be compared to the appropriate item type report using Excel Vlookup. For example, to see all custom field values for Employee Profiles, the user would run a Custom Field Values Report and an Employee Report and compare the ItemID on the Custom Field values Report to the ProfileID column on the Employees Report.



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