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Why Can't I Approve an Entry?

There are a few scenarios in which you may receive an alert when attempting to approve an entry. The error must be resolved the punch can be approved. You may see the following errors:

  1. “Entry approval is already in process. Please refresh your page.”
    • Explanation: If there are a lot of punches being approved in the system at the same time, there can be a slight delay in moving punches from Pending to Approved status. This alert prevents punches from being approved twice, which can result in duplicate punches.
    • Action Steps:
      1. Refresh your page. The punch should move to Approved status. Please allow up to an hour for the punch status to change after receiving this error.
      2. If you continue to receive the alert, please contact your DCI system administrator.
  2. “Punch cannot be approved because EVV verification is not completed.”
    • Explanation: The punch is for an Hourly service that requires EVV at Clock Out and was entered via Mobile App. The user closed the app after clocking out, but before completing EVV verification.
    • Action Steps:
      1. The employee must log back in via mobile app and complete the pending EVV verification. Please have the employee follow the steps outlined in the “Complete Pending EVV Verifications” Tip Sheet.
      2. Once the EVV verification has been completed, approve the punch.
  3. “The entry [ID number] is overlapping with this Entry. Please reject any one of these entries first to proceed with approval of entry.”
    • Explanation: There is a Business Rule enabled that prevents punches for this service code to overlap with other punches in the system.
    • Action Steps:
      1. If entered by mistake, reject the entry.
      2. If the listed entry was a mistake, locate it on the Client or Employee Details Page and reject the entry.
      3. Once the duplicate/overlapping punch has been rejected, approved the punch.


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