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Tip Sheet: Completing Pending EVV Verifications

When logging via mobile app, you may receive a pop-up alert that reads “You have pending EVV verifications. Please complete your verifications from Entries tab.” This will appear if you closed the app after clocking out of an Hourly punch requiring EVV, but before completing EVV verification. EVV Verification must be completed before the punch can be approved. To complete pending verifications:

      1. Log in to your personal profile via mobile app.
      2. On the pop up, click “Ok”
      3. Navigate to the Entries page. Entries that have pending EVV verifications will be highlighted red.
      4. Select an entry to navigate to the Entry Details Page.
      5. Select Actions->Verify EVV.
      6. Complete EVV Verifications.
      7. Notify your supervisor/employer that EVV verification has been completed so that the punch can be approved.



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