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What are scrubs?

Scrubs is a fancy word for check. Scrubs are a way to validate business rules per service code to meet specific requirements mandated by that particular service. Scrubs are currently available for hourly services. When a scrub is enabled, the system will check that a punch meets the requirements before it can be saved, created, or approved. There are 3 phases in which a scrub might run:

  • Phase 1 - Punch creation
    • If a punch fails a Phase 1 scrub, you will see an alert when you click Save or Clock Out. Depending on your company’s portal settings, you may not be able to save your punch if it violates a scrub.
  • Phase 2 - After punch creation, before approval
    • If a punch fails a Phase 2 scrub, it will be moved from Unvalidated status to Rejected. You and your supervisor/employer will receive a notification.
  • Phase 3 - Punch approval
    • If a punch fails a Phase 3 scrub, it will not be able to be approved. The punch will either need to be rejected or edited to pass the scrub.

To see Scrub Results for a punch, go to the Punch Details Page and click the Scrubs tab:

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