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What are Business Rules?

Business Rules are a way to validate, per service code, specific requirements mandated by that particular serviceCurrently, Business Rules can be set for Hourly Service Codes and Hourly Transportation. When a Business Rule is enabled, the system will check that a punch meets the requirements before it can be saved, created, or approved. There are 3 phases in which a Business Rule might run:

  • Phase 1 - Punch creation
    • If a punch fails a Phase 1 Business Rule, you will see an alert when you click Save or Clock Out. Depending on your company’s portal settings, you may not be able to save your punch if it violates a Business Rule.
  • Phase 2 - After punch creation, before approval
    • If a punch fails a Phase 2 Business Rule, it will be moved from Unvalidated status to Rejected. You and your supervisor/employer will receive a notification.
  • Phase 3 - Punch approval
    • If a punch fails a Phase 3 Business Rule, it will not be able to be approved. The punch will either need to be rejected or edited to pass the Business Rule.

To see Business Rule Results for a punch, go to the Punch Details Page and click the Business Rule Result tab:



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