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Tips & Tricks - Add ID Number to URL to View Details Page

The team at DCI has quite a few time saving tricks up our sleeves and one that we are eager to share is how to manipulate a URL to view the details pages for a particular employee, client, authorization, punch, etc.  It’s pretty simple but it sure does save a lot of time when trying to investigate entries, follow up on authorizations from reports, the list goes on. To utilize this trick, simply navigate to any page of the same object type you are trying to access. For example if you are using this trick for a punch simply open any punch entry in DCI, on the other hand if you are looking into authorizations open any authorization. Once you navigate to the page, locate the URL and you will see an equals sign (=) with a numeric string following it and then an ampersand symbol (&). You will replace the numeric string between the equals sign and the ampersand symbol (highlighted in the red box below) with the unique id of the object you would like to view. Please note this trick will only work if you are viewing the same type of object that you wish to view after the URL manipulation.


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