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What do I put in the "EVV Location" field on my punch entry?

The EVV Locations functionality is a way to specify and record approved work locations per Electronic Visit Verification requirements. The EVV Location dropdown will appear on your punch entry form if you are required to specify where you worked during your shift. You might see it on:

  • Hourly Punches
    • On the punch entry form via Web Portal or Mobile Web
      • Listed as Clock In EVV Location and/or Clock Out EVV Location
    • Upon Clock In and/or Clock Out via Mobile App
  • Residential Program Clock In and Clock Out
  • Day Program Clock In and Clock Out
  • Parenting Program Punches
  • Group Service Punches

Your supervisor/employer will create approved work locations prior to you entering your shift. These will appear in the EVV Locations dropdown field on your punch entry form. Simply select the location that you completed your shift at. If no locations are listed, you can skip this field.



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