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What is the "Needs Review" column for on my employees' pending entries?

The “Needs Review” column is there to let you know if there’s something you should take a closer look at or something that needs action before you approve the punch entry. The “eye” icon means the supervisor/employer needs to review or take action on the punch entry. Examples of this include:

  • Verification of the client signature for EVV is required
  • Geofencing failed (the employee was not clocking in from an approved location)
  • Schedule variation (actual time worked is outside the acceptable deviation from the schedule)
  • Client facial recognition failed (the picture taken at the time of service did not match the picture on file in DCI)

The question mark icon means the punch entry is waiting on action from someone else or from a system process before it can be approved. Examples of this include:

  • The punch is waiting for Client Portal Sign-Off
  • Schedule Comparison is Pending (this is an automated system process that runs nightly)

If criteria from both categories is met for a punch entry, the “eye” icon will appear instead of the question mark.


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