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How to manage attachments in DCI

Documents can be attached to any object in DCI, including but not limited to: funding sources, cost centers, programs, employees, clients, and entries.

To begin, open the details of the object for which you wish to manage attachments. Navigate to the “Attachments” tab below the object details to view existing attachments. Use the search filters to narrow the search results (the status filter defaults to Active).

To download the attachment, click on the down arrow under “Download.”

To archive an attachment, select the box on the left of the attachment date and click “Archive Selected Attachments.” A list of archived documents can be viewed by changing the status search filter to Archived or Both. Archived documents cannot be downloaded.

To unarchive an attachment, open the attachment details and then click on Actions>Unarchive Attachment.

Only Super Users and the user who created the attachment will be permitted to archive and unarchive an attachment.

To add a new attachment, click Actions>New Attachment. Attachments are limited to 15 MB. Like all information in DCI, attachments cannot be deleted or removed from the system. If an attachment was added by mistake or is no longer needed, use the archive feature. All users can add attachments to objects if their role(s)/permission(s) allow them to view the details of the object.


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