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Employee View Personal Schedule - Video

The scheduling module is a convenient way to see all scheduled shifts, even if you work in multiple cost centers. Your schedule can be seen once your supervisor has published it.

To view your schedule:

  1. Login to your personal profile
  2. Click “Schedules” on the sidebar
  3. The schedule module shows:
    1. The current week’s schedule listed by service account
    2. Each shift including start and end time, total hours, and the client/service/program
    3. The number of hours worked and the number of hours scheduled under each date
  4. To see a detailed view of the current day’s scheduled shifts click “Today”
  5. To view a different week, use the arrows or the calendar icon.


  • You will receive notifications when:
    • The schedule has been published
    • If changes are made to the schedule and it is re-published
    • A shift swap request has been approved or rejected
  • Your schedule can also be accessed from your mobile device
  • Click the printer icon to print your schedule. Keep in mind that you will need to refer to the schedule in DCI if any changes are made.

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