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View Message

1. Click the mailbox icon in the top right corner.

  • If you have any unread messages, a red dot will appear on the icon. Click any of the message summaries to go directly to the message.
  • To access the inbox, click “See All Messages”

2. Unread messages will be bold. A yellow star indicates High Priority. To open the message, click anywhere in the message row.

3. The recipient name will be highlighted red until the message is read. If the recipient has read the message, the name will be highlighted green.

4. To view attachments, click the Attachments tab below the message.

5. To reply to the message, click Actions, then click Reply. Follow the steps in “Send a Message” to complete your reply. (Note: You cannot reply to a system generated message).

6. On a strand of messages, click a single message to expand the section and display the rest of the message details.


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