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Holidays in DCI

Holiday Schedules tell DCI when an hourly employee is eligible for a holiday pay rate for time worked. You can create as many holiday schedules as you would like. When creating an employee profile, you are required to select a holiday schedule for that employee. The holiday schedule alone allows the employee to receive the holiday rate for time worked only. If you have employees who are not eligible for any holiday pay (worked or non-worked), assign them a blank holiday schedule.

Holiday Service Accounts tell DCI when an employee is also eligible for holiday non-worked time. If you create a holiday account for an employee, the system will auto create a punch for days that are holidays as defined on the employee's assigned holiday schedule.

The holiday process works as follows:

- The system sweeps each night looking for employees with holiday accounts

- If the previous day was a holiday as defined on their assigned holiday schedule it creates an 8 hour (8AM - 4PM) holiday punch for them in their holiday account

- If the employee has a service punch present for the holiday, meaning they actually worked the holiday, it will create a holiday punch for the difference between their actual punch and 8 hours

- For example: I'm an hourly employee who gets paid holidays. I work on Christmas day for 4 hours. When the system sweeps that night, it will see that I have a service punch for 4 hours on Christmas and it will create a holiday punch for 4 hours to give me a total of 8 hours.

If an employee has both a Holiday Schedule and a Holiday Service Account and he/she was not able to add a punch for time worked on the holiday (for example, they enter the punch the next day):

-DCI will generate an 8 hour punch based on the sweep process described above. As a result, the employee will be unable to enter a punch for time worked as this would be a duplicate/overlapping punch.

-The supervisor or the employee will need to edit the holiday punch to equal 8 hours minus the hours worked that day. For example, if the employee worked 4 hours, edit the holiday entry to equal 4 hours.

-Then the employee will be able to enter their time worked.

Pay Types

Holiday related time entries will appear on the payroll file according to the following pay types in DCI. Note, “pay rate” means there is a pay rate on the employee service account for the time worked entry. “No pay rate” means there is no pay rate on the employee service account for the time worked entry.

Holiday hours worked (no pay rate): Holiday O

Holiday hours worked (pay rate): Holiday Worked

Holiday hours non-worked: Holiday

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