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I keep getting logged out!

Your DCI session will expire if you are inactive in the system for more than 15 minutes. When you attempt to complete a task after inactivity, you will be taken back to the login screen and see an alert that reads “Your session has expired.”

If you have not been inactive, are completing any task in DCI and get taken back to the login screen without selecting “Log Out,” there is a system error. Submit a request via the Help Center if this occurs. It is helpful to include the following information in your request:

  • Your first and last name
  • The task you were attempting to complete (enter a punch, add a note, edit a punch, sign off as a client, create a new account, run a report, etc.) – be as specific as possible
  • The time when the error occurred
  • Any other pertinent details
  • If possible, attach a screenshot of the task you were attempting to complete
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