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Create New Client Profile

All clients must have a client profile. At this time, self registration is not available for clients. To create a new client profile:

  1. Click Clients.
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Click Add New Client.
  4. Complete the Basic Demographics form:
    1. First Name (required)
    2. Last Name (required)
    3. Full Name (optional)
    4. Address (required): Client’s physical address.
    5. GNIS Code (required): Click Search Location after entering the address. This will generate the GNIS Code.
    6. Phone (required)
    7. *Alternate Phone (optional)
    8. Mobile (optional)
    9. Email (required): If EVV will be used, a valid and unique email address for the client must be entered.
    10. DOB (required)
    11. **Profile reference (optional)
    12. *SSN (optional)
    13. *Verify SSN (required if SSN was entered)
    14. Attach Photo (optional): Required if facial recognition will be used for EVV.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Complete the Client Information form:
    1. Client Id (required): Unique Id usually provided by the funding source.
    2. Medicaid No (optional)
    3. Insurance Group No (optional)
    4. Insurance Plan No (optional)
    5. Insurance Payer No (optional)
    6. Certification Template (optional): Select if there are a set of certification requirements for employees working with this client.
    7. Cost Center (required): Select the cost center associated with the program supporting this client.
    8. Language (optional): Select the language spoken by the client.
    9. *Received Date (optional): The date the client entered the company’s services.
    10. *Packet Mailed (optional): The date the company completed and returned to the funding source all required documentation in order for the client to enter its services.
    11. Client Status: Defaults to active.
    12. Discharge Date (optional): Enter at time of client’s discharge.
    13. **Code (optional)
    14. *Region (optional): The region in which the client receives services as designated by the funding source.
    15. *Guardian (optional): Client’s guardian name if the client is not his or her own guardian.
    16. *Fee (optional): Not applicable for most Service Providers.
    17. *Diagnosis Code (optional): The code that enables the client’s eligibility for service, as required by some funding sources.
    18. *Cost Share (optional): Not applicable for more Service Providers.
    19. Enable Caregiver Rating Emails (optional): If this box is checked, the client will receive emails to rate their experience with their caregiver.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Complete EVV Location form (optional): EVV Locations can be added to the profile at a later date. Complete if desired, or click Next.
    1. Copy from Profile Address (optional): Copy the address from the Basic Demographics Form.
    2. EVV Location Name (required if completing form): The name of the location.
    3. EVV Location Type (required if completing form): Select from dropdown.
    4. Address (required if completing form): The location address.
    5. Begin Date (required if completing form): The first date the location is approved for use.
    6. End Date (optional): The last date the location is approved, if there is one.
    7. Status (required if completing form): Select from dropdown.
    8. Primary (optional): Select if this is the primary location to receive services.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Complete the Authentication Information Form
    1. Enable Client Login (optional): Required if Client Portal Sign-Off will be used for EVV, or if client wishes to request hourly services or view his or her schedule. If checked:
      1. Password (required): Enter a temporary password. The client will be prompted to change their password when they first log in.
      2. Confirm Password (required): Enter same as above to confirm.
      3. Pin (required): Can be used in lieu of a password on mobile devices.
    2. Username (optional to change): Will be used by the client for all future logins.
    3. Authentication Status: Defaults to Active if “Enable Client Login” is checked. Defaults to disabled if “Enable Client Login” is not checked.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Review Client Information and click Save.
  13. Click Yes on the confirmation window.

NOTE: This task requires Supervisor Role or Client Admin Permission.


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