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Deactivate/Edit Employee Service Accounts

If an employee no longer provides a particular service, the service account should be deactivated. To do so:

  1. Sign in to your Personal Profile
  2. Click "Employees" on the sidebar
  3. Search for the employee using the filters and click "Search"
  4. Click anywhere in the employee row to open the Employee Details page
  5. Click the "Accounts" tab below the Details windows
  6. Click the account that needs to be deactivated
  7. Click "Actions"
  8. Click "Edit Account"
  9. Change Status to "Inactive"
  10. Click "Save"
  11. Click "Yes" on the confirmation window

This process can also be used to edit the service, such as changing the Cost Center. On step 9, simply make the necessary changes instead of changing the status.

NOTE: This task requires Supervisor Role.

Need to create new employee service accounts? See the "Create Employee Service Accounts" How-To.


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