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Deactivate User Profiles

It is important to deactivate user profiles when an user is no longer employed. To deactivate a profile:

  1. Sign in to your Personal Profile
  2. Click "Employees" on the sidebar
  3. Search for the employee by typing the name in the "Type Employee Name" filter box and clicking "Search"
  4. Click anywhere on the employee row to open Employee Details Page
  5. Click "Actions"
  6. Click "Edit Employee"
  7. On the "Basic Demographics" tab, change Status to "Inactive" and click "Save." Click "Yes" on the confirmation window.
  8. Click the "Authentication Information" tab. Change Employment Status to the appropriate status (Suspended, Terminated, or Extended Leave), then click "Save." Click "Yes" on the confirmation window.

NOTE: This task requires Supervisor Role or Employee Admin Permission.


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