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Run Reports

To run any report:

  1. Sign in to your Personal Profile
  2. Click the "Reports" tab at the top of the page
  3. Hover over any of the sidebar tabs to see the reports in that tab (i.e. Hover over COA Reports to see: Punch Entries Report, Punch Entry Details Report, Punch Entry Notes Report, Service Accounts Report, Residential Attendance Report, Residential Absentee Report, Parenting Attendance Report, Parenting Absentee Report, or Day Attendance Report)
  4. Click the report you want to run
  5. Enter desired criteria into the filters (i.e. filter by time frame, specific client, employee, service code, cost center, etc.)
  6. Click "Search"
  7. The records will display in the table below the filters

All reports can be downloaded as a CSV or PDF by clicking the "Download to CSV" or "Download to PDF" buttons.

NOTE: This task requires a Role. Please contact your supervisor or Fiscal Agent if you need the capability to run reports and cannot do so.

*The employer role can only view a limited subset of reports to maintain HIPAA compliance.

Need help using Excel? Check out the "Videos" section of the Help Center!


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