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Approve or Reject Employee Punches

There are several ways to review employee punches. The simplest method to find all pending punches is to utilize the Pending Entries tab.

  1. Sign into your Personal Profile
  2. Click "Pending Entries" from the sidebar
  3. Click the blue "A" in the entry row to approve the punch or click the red "R" to reject the punch
  4. If there are more than 30 entries to approve, continue to scroll down to load more entries
  5. Utilize the filters at the top of the screen if you are searching for a specific punch

Punches can also be viewed from any Details Page on the Entries Table by clicking any of the following on the sidebar:

  • Employees - shows all entries for a particular employee
  • Clients - shows all entries for a particular client
  • Residential Programs, Day Programs, Group Services, or Parenting Programs - only these types of punches will appear on these pages (i.e. Training, Admin, Hourly, etc. punches will not appear on these pages).
  • Cost Center - shows all entries for a particular cost center

To approve or reject punches from a Details Page:

  1. Click anywhere in the punch row on the entries table to open the punch
  2. Click "Actions" on the Punch Detail Page
  3. Click "Approve" or "Reject"

NOTE: This task requires Supervisor Role or Employer Role for the Cost Center that the punch was made in.

Need to make a change to a punch? See the "Edit a Punch for an Employee" How-To.


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