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Unlock an Employee or Client Profile

If an employee enters an incorrect password 3 times, his or her supervisor needs to unlock the employee's profile. 

To unlock an employee profile:

  1. Sign into your Personal Profile
  2. Click "Employees" on the sidebar
  3. Search for the employee/client by typing his or her name in the "Type Employee Name" box and clicking search
  4. Click anywhere in the employee row to open the Employee Details Page
  5. Click the blue "Unlock" next to Authentication Status in the "Other Details" window
  6. Click "Yes" on the confirmation window

The same process can be used to unlock a Client Profile for a client who has login enabled. Simply click "Clients" on the sidebar and search for the Client, and repeat steps 4-7 above for the client.

NOTE: This task requires Supervisor Role, Employer Role, or Employee Admin Permission.


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