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Edit a Punch

If you realize you have made an error on your punch, you can make changes while it is still in pending status. To edit a pending punch:

  1. Click "Entries" from the sidebar to get to your Entries Page
  2. Click anywhere in the punch row of the punch you want to edit
  3. On the Punch Details Page, click "Actions" in the top right corner
  4. Click "Edit Entry"
  5. Make the necessary changes on the Entry Form
  6. Click "Save"
  7. Click "Yes" on the confirmation window

You will notice the Punch Status has changed to "Rejected." A new punch with the corrections has been generated and is in "Pending" status. You can see it in the Reference Entries table at the bottom of the Punch Details Page. When you go back to your Entries Page, you will see both the original punch in "Rejected" status, and the corrected punch in "Pending Status" with a number in the "Ref." column. This Reference Number ties your corrected punch to the original punch.

NOTE: You cannot edit a Residential or Day Program punch, or an Approved punch. If a correction needs to be made, please contact your supervisor.


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