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Add Notes

Notes can be added to any entity that you have access to throughout the system. These entities include, but are not limited to:

  • Punch/Attendance Entries
  • Accounts
  • Profiles
  • Payroll/Billing Entries
  • Authorizations


To add a note:

  1. Navigate to the details page of the entity you wish to add a note to.
    1. Example: If you wish to add an additional note to a punch, navigate to the Punch Entry Details Page.
  2. Click Actions
  3. Click New Note
  4. Complete the Note Entry Form
    1. Note Type: Select note type
      1. Selecting Custom will allow you to select a Note Sub Type specific to your company
    2. Subject: Summarize the note
    3. Body: Add note content and format as desired
    4. Attachment: Add attachments as needed
  5. Click Save, then Yes on the confirmation window


When you have successfully added your note, it will appear in the table on Notes Tab of the Details Page, along with any other notes that have been added by other users who have access to the same details page. The added note described above has no character limit, so you can write a novel if you'd like! Notes can also be made directly on your punch entry, however, there is a 2500 character limit when you enter it on your punch. For more info on entering a note on a punch, see "Enter a Punch" How-To.


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