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I can't see my employee's punch

In order to see an employee’s punches, you must have a supervisor or employer role for the cost center that the punch was made in.

If you are an employer, contact your Fiscal Agent for resolution.

If you are a supervisor, you can verify what roles you have by finding your profile under the Employees tab. On your Employee Details Page, click “Actions”, then “View Roles.”

If you do not see a Cost Center listed that you should have Supervisor Role for, contact your supervisor.

If you have Supervisor Role for the Cost Center that the punch should have been made in, double check the employee’s service accounts (see How To “Deactivate/Edit Employee Service Accounts”) to ensure they are configured to the correct Cost Center.

If the service account was edited to a new cost center:

  • All punches prior to the edit will show up under the original cost center. A user with Supervisor Role for the original cost center must approve/edit/reject the punch.
  • If the punch should have been made under the new cost center, a user with Supervisor Role for the original cost center should reject the punch. The employee will need to re-enter the punch after the service account has been changed to the correct cost center.

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