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Activate New Hires and Edit Employee Profile Details

After a user self-registers, his or her profile must be activated by a supervisor or other designated administrator. To activate a new hire:

  1. Sign in to your Personal Profile
  2. Click "Employees" on the sidebar
  3. Search for the employee by typing the name in the "Type Employee Name" filter box and clicking "Search"
  4. Click anywhere on the employee row to open Employee Details Page
  5. Click "Actions"
  6. Click "Edit Employee"
  7. Review all information on the "Basic Demographics" tab. If any changes are made, click "Save." Click "Yes" on the confirmation window.
  8. Click the "Employee Information" tab. Enter the Employee Number, Weekly Hours Available, and Hire Date on the "Employee Information" tab. Ensure the employee has the correct Cost Center. Make any other necessary changes, then click "Save." Click "Yes" on the confirmation window.
  9. Click the "Authentication Information" tab. Change Authentication Status to "Active", then click "Save." Click "Yes" on the confirmation window.
  10. Notify the employee and the supervisor (if supervisor is not the one activating the profile) that the profile is now active.

Use this same process to edit any employee details as needed.

NOTE: This task requires Supervisor Role or Employee Admin Permission.

The employee will only be able to make Training punches until additional employee service accounts are created. For more info on creating employee service accounts, please see the "Create Employee Service Accounts" How-To.



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