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Create Client Service Accounts

In order for attendance to be generated for clients, they must have an active service account linking them to the program they are enrolled in. Client Service Accounts are not required for Hourly Services.

To Create Client Service Accounts:
  1. Sign into your Personal Profile
  2. Click "Clients" on the sidebar
  3. Search for the client by typing their name in "Type Client Name" and selecting their name when it comes up. Click Search.
  4. Select the client from the table by clicking anywhere in the row
  5. Click "Actions" in the top right corner of the Client Details page
  6. Click "Add New Service Account"
  7. Use the drop downs and fill in appropriate fields; Some fields may not be applicable to your program.
  8. Click "Save"
  9. Click "Yes" on the confirmation window
  10. Repeat steps 5-9 for each service the client receives in this program (i.e. if a client has a Residential Service Code and a Room & Board Service Code, you will repeat this process twice, once for Residential and once for Room & Board).
Alternatively, Client Service Accounts can be created from the Residential, Day, Group Service, or Parenting Program Page:
  1. Click the program type (Residential Programs, Day Programs, Group Services, or Parenting Programs) from the sidebar
  2. Search for the program by typing the name in "Type ... Name", and selecting it when it comes up. Click search.
  3. Select the program from the table by clicking anywhere in the row
  4. Click "Actions" in the top right corner of the Details page
  5. Click "Add New Client Service Account
  6. Repeat steps 7-10 described above

NOTE: This task requires Supervisor Role in the same Cost Center as the client. If the client has a home Cost Center that the supervisor does not have a Supervisor Role for, the Home Cost Center supervisor needs to create the service account from the Client Details Page.


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