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Renew Authorization

When an existing authorization expires and you receive the new authorization for the same Client Funding Account, you should “Renew Authorization” instead of creating a new authorization. New authorizations should be created when there is a new service, which also requires a new Client Funding Account.

To renew an authorization:

  1. Go to the authorization module by clicking Authorization on the Top Bar
  2. Fill in the Client Name and Service Code filters on the Authorizations screen and click search.
  3. Open the Authorization Details page by clicking on the entry in the results table
  4. Click Actions
  5. Click Renew Authorization
  6. Fill in all editable fields on the Renew Authorization Form.
  7. Click Save
  8. Click Yes on the confirmation window
  9. Approve the renewed authorization
    • From the Authorization Screen
      • Click the authorization on the authorizations table to open the Authorization Detail Page
      • Click Actions
      • Click Approve Authorization
      • Click Yes on the confirmation window
    • From the Pending Authorizations Screen
    • Click Pending Authorizations on the sidebar
    • Click A in the authorization row
    • Click Yes on the confirmation window

This task requires Authorizations Role, Billing Team Role, or Authorizations Admin Permission.


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