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Link Certification Templates

Templates can be linked to Service Codes, Client Funding Accounts, Program Profiles/Accounts, Cost Centers, or Client Profiles, or Employee Profiles. The process is the same for all entities.

  1. Login to your personal profile
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Certification Template
  4. Select the Template you wish to add requirements to.
  5. On the Certification Template Details page, click Actions.
  6. Select the type of link you wish to make
    1. Add/Remove Service Codes
    2. Add/Remove Accounts (Funding Accounts and Program Profiles/Accounts)
    3. Add/Remove Cost Centers
    4. Add/Remove Profiles (Client or Employee)
  7. The add/remove wizard will appear. Select the items to link by:
    1. Scrolling through available items
    2. Use the search bar to find a particular item
  8. Cick the right arrow to add them to the Selected table.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click Yes on the confirmation window.
  11. Repeat this process as needed to link the template to all entities.

This task requires Training Admin Permission.


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