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Create New Certification Requirement

Create Certification Requirement

  1. Log in to your personal profile.
  2. Click Settings on the top bar.
  3. Click Certification Requirements on the side bar.
  4. Click Actions
  5. Click Add New Certification Requirement.
  6. Create the Certification Requirement name.
  7. Select the profile type that this certification is required for
  8. Add a description.
  9. Set Recurring status.
  10. Set the valid duration months.
  11. Expiration Reminder Days indicates how many days before expiration you would like reminders to be sent to the employee and/or supervisor.
  12. Expiration Reminder Frequency indicates how many days you would like the reminder to be sent once reminders start. The employee and/or supervisor will be informed when it is their final reminder.
  13. Add a link to the certification training if desired.
  14. If there is a Grace Period, enter it in the Hire Grace Period Days field.
  15. Once all fields have been filled in, click Save.
  16. Click Yes on the confirmation window.
  17. You can edit the certification requirement or add it to an existing Certification Template by clicking Actions on the Certification Requirement Details Page.

This task requires Training Admin Permission.


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