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Approve Availability Template - Video

Employees are able to create availability templates in DCI so that supervisors know when they are available to work. Availability templates must be approved by a supervisor before they are taken into consideration and whenever a change is made to them. You are unable to schedule an employee outside of their approved availability templates.

To approve an employee’s availability template:

  1. Login to your personal profile
  2. Click Scheduling on the top bar
  3. Click Availability Templates on the side bar
  4. Use the filters to find the desired employee’s availability templates, or simply scroll through the table.
  5. Click anywhere in the results row to open the Availability Template Details Page.
  6. After reviewing the template, go back to the Availability Templates Page.
    1. Click the A to approve the template
    2. Click the R to reject the template
  7. You can return to the Availability Templates page at any time to view an employee’s availability.


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