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Create Availability Template - Video

You are able to create availability templates in DCI so that your supervisor knows when you are available to work. To create a new availability template:

  1. Login to your personal profile
  2. Click “Availability” on the sidebar
  3. Click Actions, then “Create Template”
  4. Give your template a name.
    1. Availability templates are created for a set of days that you have the same availability for. For example, if you are only available from 6 AM to 6 PM on weekdays, but all day on weekends, you will have two different availability templates. Name your template accordingly.
  5. Select the start and end times that you are available. Please see note above regarding different start and end times for different days.
  6. Select the dates this availability template is good for. You can select a range of up to 13 weeks.
  7. Check the days that this availability template applies to.
  8. Click Save. You will have the opportunity to make changes to your template after clicking save.
  9. Click Yes on the confirmation window
  10. You can make changes to your template by changing individual entries, or editing the entire template.
    1. To change an individual day, right-click on the entry.
      1. Click “edit” to edit the start and end time.
        1. Make the desired changes, then click Save
        2. On the confirmation window, click Yes to apply to just this individual entry. Click “Yes to All” to apply to all entries on the same day of the week.
      2. Click “delete” to delete the entry from the template.
        1. On the confirmation window, click “Yes” to apply to delete just this individual entry. Click “Yes to All” to delete all entries on the same day of the week.
      3. To change the entire template, click the pencil next to Pending.
    2. Repeat steps 3-10 to create templates for other time frames on other days of the week.
    3. When you have finished editing your templates, click Publish.
    4. Select the template you wish to send to your supervisor for approval. If you are not finished with your templates, you can continue working on them at a later time and send to your supervisor when it is complete.
    5. Click Yes on the confirmation window.
    6. The schedule status has changed to Published. Once your supervisor reviews it, it will turn green if it is approved and red if it is rejected.

Availability templates can be created for up to 13 weeks, and must be renewed when they have reached their end date. Changes can be made to pending, published, and approved templates. If you edit an approved template, it will need to be re-published for supervisor approval.


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