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Create New Guardian Profile

Guardian profiles allow a user to be linked to multiple clients to perform client sign-off and view client schedules. Users with Client Admin Permission are able to create new guardian profiles. To create a new guardian profile:

  1. Login to your personal profile
  2. Click Guardians on the sidebar
  3. Click Actions
  4. Click Add New Guardian
  5. Complete the Basic Demographics Wizard, then click Next
    1. Mobile Number will allow the guardian to receive text notifications if they verify their mobile number after the profile is created.
    2. The guardian email must be unique from the client(s) email address.
  6. Complete the Authentication Information Wizard, then click Next
    1. The user will be prompted to change their temporary password when the login for the first time.
  7. Review Summary, then click Save

Guardians can be linked to clients when the New Client Profile is created. To link existing clients to the guardian, go to the Client Profile Details Page.

  1. Click Clients on the sidebar
  2. Use the filters to find the desired client.
  3. Click anywhere in the results row to open the Client Profile Details Page.
  4. Click Actions
  5. Click Edit Client
  6. Click the Client Information tab
  7. Begin typing the guardian’s name in the Guardian Field (last field of the wizard) and select it when it appears
  8. Click Save.


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